The Ultimate Retail News Roundup for February 2017

Newsweek’s March 2017 cover story on the retailing juggernaut Amazon, featuring an Amazon employee giving a sales pitch to the press, has been removed from the website.The article, which featured Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos speaking in a live video to the New York Times, has since been removed.In an email, Amazon spokesperson Liz Stryker said […]

Trump administration denies ‘no credible threat’ to US trade with China

The Trump administration has denied a claim by a trade group that China has violated international law in its trade practices, in a response to the group’s allegations that the United States is “unfairly” punishing its trading partners for the trade deficits.The trade group, the American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on Thursday accused President […]

Jerusalem merchants open shop in USMCA e commerce

Israel’s largest commerce agency is opening an online retail store in US-based commerce hub Dubli, and the department has set a target of opening a total of three shops in the country in the next six months.Dubli Commerce Minister Uri Karpov said the Israeli company, which specializes in digital media, ecommerce and digital retail, was […]