The Sacred geometry (geometria sagrada) within every day lifestyle

The Antahkarana is definitely an ancient symbol widely utilized in the East for healing and meditation. It’s related using the containment, neutralization, and elimination of negative power, which is why it is common to see it in spaces destined for healing.

Its effective geometry aids to boost optimistic changes at the energy level; consequently its wide use in Reiki and meditation, because it also induces self-knowledge and the healing of everything that disturbs the inner harmony. In addition, it aids to submerge in states of deep meditation, for which it has been widely used inside the regions of Tibet and China.
This potent symbol is discovered on a flat surface where a figure in two dimensions is formed, consisting of 3 7, referring towards the sacred number. It consists of and harmonizes the Yin and Yang energies.

It is a part of other symbols like the cosmic cross that’s formed by 7 antahkarana, representing every chakra and aids its purification and liberation of unfavorable energies.
It can be utilized to disperse the damaging energies of the home, putting it in a place like behind the door or on the carpet, for those who have a single, in the entrance, so this wonderful symbol will gather and disperse the unfavorable energies of these who enter your house.
You have to take unique care to not overdo the use of this symbol since it could be counterproductive and start to also disperse the good power.

The Antahkarana is a symbol that consists of an enormous force and that has to be employed with discretion and often for the good.
Produces calming and revitalizing effects immediately by means of its use together with quartz mandalas, to restore vitality you only have to spot this symbol around the person’s back and an Antahkarana yang on their feet, this may produce a balance of power instantaneously, it’s also useful to reduce nervous states and anxiousness.
As you’ll be able to see it is a symbol with excellent strength that can be truly helpful to achieve the well-being and balance that allow you to feel at peace.

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